Having six puppies makes a rescued dog a wonderful mother. Currently, the young mother is raising 18 cubs.

The rescued dog, Killo, only meant to feed her own litter of cubs. She seized the chance when a foster mother was required for six puppies. Despite having twelve puppies, the dog just adopted six puppies it recently found in a residence.

Volunteers went in search of the mother of the puppies, but when she didn’t return for them, animal rights advocates had to step in. When the puppies were delivered to Killo’s house, her owners weren’t sure how she would respond.

On the other hand, the dog immediately started to care for them as though they were his or her own offspring. Recently, a pregnant Killo traveled the countryside, relying on the kindness of strangers until she found a married couple’s house and was welcomed within.

Although Killo’s owners were first worried if she would accept them, the dog ended up being a wonderful mother who was very kind, responsible, and attentive.

She may be regarded as a real heroine in this situation because she doesn’t need any outside help and all of her puppies, both biological and adoptive, are strong and healthy.

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