A cat tries to attract and care for a kitten when it is found at home.

An upbeat tabby cat named Synk always tries to win his family’s attention and enjoys spending time with them. Her mother and her husband made the decision to bring home a second cat because they wanted their existing cat to have constant company.

His mother and siblings had left a fluffy cat called Bour at the time.

The mother cat was found by the cat and her young ones unable to care for the kittens since their mother had abandoned them when they were around four weeks old.

Local cat Synk raced to the kitten when he heard a voice. He was standing next to her, welcoming her with great attention and keeping a careful eye on her.

The touch did not at all amuse the fluffy tiny kitten.

Bour copied the kitten’s behavior and tried to stand on her hind legs to make her sister go when she realized she couldn’t get near to the little kitten.

She was a naturally extremely patient young woman, and nothing could stop Synk from attempting to gain the small furball’s devotion.

It didn’t take Bour long to become used to her friend’s presence.

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