The late viral cat’s owner has a new, peculiar pet.

This man struggled for a while to move on after losing a pet. But as time went on, he came to the realization that there are still many more animals in the world in need of help and human compassion, so he made the decision to adopt another animal. From a neighboring animal shelter, an odd cat was selected.

The man presented his new pet to the mourners of his dead cat, and it won them all over. The cat now has a social media profile with thousands of followers.

The question isn’t whether he can match his “sister’s” grandeur; that is yet to be seen.

The most important goal has already been accomplished: the cat has found his family and “his” person, who is happy to welcome unwanted and useless creatures into the house and who, given a chance, prove to be no less true companions.

No matter how they seem, all animals are special and deserve the same respect as other animals since all living things require the same kind of love and commitment from their owners as they do from humans.

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