Canines in shelters Walnut and Seed exchange vows in a charming wedding.

In the cutest and kindest wedding ever, Chihuahua Walnut and his buddy Seed from San Antonio were married in Texas. Both dogs were surrendered to the shelter in April 2022 due to the owners’ incapacity to care for them.

The tailed animals initially met one another in the shelter’s medical wing following their dental treatments, and they quickly developed a tight bond. In order to entice potential owners, the shelter staff decided to wed Walnut and Seed after witnessing how their bond was developing.

Beautiful outfits were bought particularly for the wedding, and a little chapel was built, with a red carpet leading inside. «Our closest friends as well as staff members and volunteers from the shelter were invited to Walnut and Seed’s sweet little wedding.

Naturally, there was cake, and there was also music, a red carpet walk, and soap bubbles. Maria Almanza, a public relations expert, said. Four-legged couples are now available for adoption separately, but the staff at the shelter hopes that new owners would choose to adopt the pair.

Who would have imagined such a miraculous event? What a lovely couple, no?

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