When his assistants attempted to remove his brand-new favorite toy, the baby panda refused.

This little panda’s stubborn unwillingness to give up his brand-new favorite toy touches us. A newborn panda who receives a large spinning balloon falls in love with it right away. The adorable little creature is always seeking for his new toy.

Even when the eager keepers try to take the ball away from the little bear, it doesn’t appear to be too big for him. When he was just a few months old, the youngest panda in the vast panda family at the zoo had to successfully complete a coordination test.

In order to assess the panda’s abilities, the guards used a bamboo stick and a plastic ball. Not by displaying his amazing figure, the young panda made everyone laugh by refusing to part with his new toys.

Despite the difficulty the loyal guards encountered in removing the toy from the panda, he demonstrated the capacity to pass the exam. But it didn’t stop him from acting like a child even after he recognized his window for fun was closed. What a sweet tale, no? How do you feel?

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