A black stray cat makes daily visits to the kind woman who feeds her with her six gorgeous kittens.

On a gorgeous day, a good woman was enjoying her backyard when she observed something in the bushes. She was fascinated and walked over to get a better look. A magnificent black cat with green eyes drew her attention.

She discovered the small friend was a stray when she noticed it circling her property the next day. Since then, the lady had earned her trust by consistently providing her with food and water in the yard.

The woman became aware that she was pregnant as her belly continued to grow. Although she frequently came inside for food and drink, she gave birth in the yard. The mother was shocked to find the cat and six fluffy, newborn kittens one day when they were standing on her porch.

The mother cat seemed to want her kittens to meet the kind woman who had been taking care of herself all this time. She was quite aware that what they wanted her to do was provide them with a place to live.

As a result, she did it. The empathetic woman asked the rescue crew for help. These little creatures were cared after by volunteers.

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