The dog thanked the young woman who had earlier saved her.

Cherry, a four-year-old puppy, was never taught what love and caring were by her owners. His owners would not let him go home, so they left him in the parking lot of one of the big supermarkets.

Cherry developed friendships with individuals who were also abandoned on the streets. The rescue crew made an effort to give the animals back to their owners, but it was ineffective. However, luck was on his side, as the doggies were all saved by the animal rescue group.

When volunteers arrived, they decided to start seeking long-term owners after taking the dogs. Watch how Cherry thanks his hero for saving her and greets him with such tenderness.

The volunteers say the dog is exceptionally affectionate and sociable and enjoys spending time with people. Cherry will undoubtedly relocate to New Jersey soon.

The staff at the shelter will move rapidly to find this adorable puppy a permanent family since he needs his own home. Cherry’s owner was fortunate to find him, as was Cherry. They should stay together forever and show each other the affection they merit.

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