A group of dogs raises a young cow who was separated from his herd as one of their own.

The other cows in the herd rejected and disregarded Hinata when he was a small calf. But all changed when he met his new closest pals, a pack of dogs that lived with Amy and her husband Andrew.

Hinata was first welcomed to Amy and Andrew’s farm, but they weren’t sure if he’d get along with the dogs at first. But any uncertainty dissipated as soon as the cow got to know them. Hinata really loved our pets!

He grew acclimated to their presence in about a week, according to Amy. The dogs are taking care of the cow in a sibling-like manner now that Hinata gets along with them and behaves like them.

Hinata is seen by dogs as being no different from other big dogs. They are little heavier than Hinata.

The cow helps the dogs care for the puppies while also attempting to avoid meddling with them when necessary.

The owners of Hinata believe their jovial cow, who is certain he is a dog, to be the ultimate friend and are unable to imagine life without him.