The two are close friends and Snoop is a fox and Talia is a dog.

Sometimes the relationships between animals in real life are even more intriguing than the ones portrayed in fiction and animation. The bond between a dog named Talia and a wild fox named Snoop is live proof of this.

Talia resides in Norway with William, a brilliant photographer who is also her owner.

It is obvious that Snoop and Talia are not of the same species because of the way they interact as if they had known each other their entire lives.

When it comes to behavior and personalities, foxes and dogs share a lot in common. And it bothers me to think of how many foxes, like Snoop, live their entire lives in zoos, William says on social media.

Snoop (and Talia) spend all of their time together in the woods outside William’s house, so having a place to play is a blessing.

The fact that someone is always recording the dog and fox doesn’t seem to worry them in the slightest.

What matters most to them is having fun together. This friendship is really wonderful.

I hope they stay close friends as they are today. How do you feel?