Amazing Japanese island that provides a haven for rabbits.

Okunoshimma is a teeny, tiny island in Japan. Nobody would be very interested in it if it weren’t for the amazing residents known as wild rabbits. The other name for the island is Rabbit Island since there are so many rabbits here.

More than 700 of the cutest bunnies may be seen roaming free and mingling with people on Okunoshimma.

Learning about the evolution of rabbits over such a long time is pretty fascinating.

At first, there were just three families of fisherman residing on the island, but in 1940, a factory was built there. At the same time as a campaign against these plants began, the Japanese government made every effort to conceal the existence of the factory.

The distribution of rabbits on the island is now explained by two ideas, the first of which postulates that they were utilized as laboratory animals. The second assumes that eight rabbits came here on a school trip with teenagers and multiplied in a comfortable environment. Which version lean you toward favoring? Please tell us in the comments.

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