You must see this adorable moment when the kitten discovers he has a younger brother.

Woo is a cute cat that has so far gotten all the love and cares his mother could give him, which is wonderful. Things could change a bit because Mary is about to have a kid. Although Woo’s expectant mother hasn’t informed him yet, the cat had the sweetest reaction when he discovered the news on his own.

Woo will soon have a baby sibling who is human. The perceptive cat detected a problem and decided to investigate it.

Mary concurs, considering it a good chance for him to get to know his younger brother. Even so, she captured the charming incident on video.

The cat rests its little paw on Mary’s belly in a particularly heartwarming sequence and, it appears instantaneously, figures out all the answers.

Woo is ecstatic to find out that he will have a human sibling.

In addition, he grew to feel a strong feeling of maternal obligation for his mother and siblings. He especially wants to meet the baby. Mary is ecstatic to discover that her son and her cherished cat have already developed a relationship.

Mary said, “I really care that my kid grows up with Woo at his side because I love him so much.”