You remember Mika, the stray puppy from the video: He was adopted, and right now he is grinning nonstop.

Do you remember the tale of the dog that was abandoned on the sidewalk and the security personnel captured everything on camera? We wrote a piece on it and published it. He was given a devoted home after being saved.

Like everyone else, he was moved when he read in the news what had happened to Mika.

Mika had a lot of adoption requests, and there were speculations that the dog wanted to be adopted by Mika himself, but Lawrence was ultimately able to bring Mika home.

It is clear that Mika is a very loyal dog. He is presently pleased and at peace with his new family. Her new dad works from home, so he has a lot of love and attention around him. Mika is now his usual vivacious, hilarious, and sympathetic self.

Mika now regards his adopted family as his home. Squire spends a lot of time with his father as a result of his work from home arrangement.

His brand-new family has shown him a lot of love and support. Mika is once again vivacious, considerate, and fun.