A primary school class decided to adopt and care for a stray cat.

When they learned that the school had a stray cat, they decided to adopt it. Since then, the cat has served as the school’s mascot due to its amusing behavior.

One day, the cat was found beside the business. They speculated that he could need help. If their instructor and principal could treat him, they enquired. They were lucky enough to get the school’s approval. The cat’s name was Sleeper. Do you remember?

Turkey is the home of a large number of cats. This is because they kept rats out of the important towns of the Ottoman Empire. The girl likes sunbathing and playing with the other children during recess. When it’s chilly, she prefers to sit on the heated radiator.Every learner should have a passion for animals.

The school director is delighted that so many children are showing a strong interest in animals. Here, we look after both people and animals. By doing this, we may help the world become a more compassionate place. says the director. Due to the addition of one student, the school currently has 161 pupils. Would you advise kids to have animal therapy?

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