The owners were shocked when their pet chicken gave birth to a duck.

Boredom during the outbreak was the beginning of it all. They were looking for something to do to pass the time. Six rare silk breed ducks and three rare silk breed hens were added to the farm by animal enthusiasts.

Ducks and chickens kept a respectful distance from one another and did not bother each other’s affairs. When the wife noticed that a chicken was developing a duck egg, she was shocked! We were naive enough to think nothing would occur.

The hen’s owners decided to abstain from intervening. Soon after being found, the hen laid seven eggs, and eight of them have already hatched. When the first chicken egg gave birth in December, the husband discovered this. The heated environment caused the eggs to start breaking one by one.

The shell of the final egg eventually cracked, releasing a little duckling. The baby immediately recognized the hen as his mother and gave her a warm greeting. He tries to take his mother under his wing despite the fact that he doesn’t fit in! The mother hen was finally brought back to the coop when she became too angry. The duckling and its chicken siblings, on the other hand, were unharmed.

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