For 11 years, the dog has slept on the street, yearning for a new happy existence.

The dog that has been wandering the streets of Los Angeles for many years is rewarded the most. The deaf kitten meets a loving family, the warm home he has always desired, just as he was ready to go. A moving narrative that demonstrates that even the most tragic situations may have a happy fairy tale conclusion.
The sad, helpless dog, now known as Solovino (Spanish for “alone”), has spent his whole existence on the streets. He endured the most difficult existence a dog could possibly have, yet he never gave up, and he persevered till today.

The ill, fatigued, and always hungry pitiful creature appeared to be enough, so he chooses a spot on someone’s doorstep and lies down, ready to submit. He had no idea, however, that it would be the start of a new life.

Trruhi felt sorry for the old dog napping on her balcony and began feeding him. He referred to her as Solovino or Solo. However, when he noticed that the dog was at ease on his balcony, he recognized that he may be a stray and sought assistance from the group. The dog was transported to a shelter shortly after that. Solo was ready for adoption following a visit to the vet, but no one seemed to want him. Then he moved in with my foster family, bringing the total to one and a half. Messina came across a photo of himself on the internet by chance.

«I wanted to adore him as soon as I saw his face on their website,» Messina revealed. «I had a concept right away. «Well, his name is Solo,» he introduced himself to her as her foster father. I had a feeling it was fate. «Then I saw how unhappy he was when I met him. I knew he’d always be there for me, no matter what».

Solo was still perplexed and shy when he eventually had the chance to own a house for the rest of his life. Natural conduct, based on the previous terrible existence. Messina, on the other hand, was willing to give him as much time as he needed to feel at ease.
The nice woman stated, “When he initially came to live with me, he put his tail between his knees for months.” «He didn’t react well to dogs, humans, or cats, and when someone tried to pat him, he shivered».

Despite this, the older dog was still having trouble adjusting to his new existence. Unfortunately, he developed major tooth problems just as his mother discovered he was entirely deaf. Messina, on the other hand, did not cease adoring him and consoling him with the most exquisite egg. Whatever she did, he was ready to assist her. They’ve evolved into the loveliest pair.

«Everyone around us keeps commenting on how much he’s changed,» Messina remarked. «For months, he didn’t grin or even open his lips, but now he smiles, walks about, and runs on the grass; it’s the nicest thing I’ve ever done. “He has motivated me to adopt elderly dogs who require hospice care in my life.”

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