After the hurricane, the lost rooster was discovered at Popeyes.

Latoya Giles was waiting in the Popeyes drive-through when she observed something peculiar. In front of the front door, a rooster was standing. She’d heard of him through her coworkers, but she didn’t think he’d live there. So she was taken aback when she discovered him at the entrance.

She was also surprised to see a chicken coop nearby. The cock was really residing in the restaurant’s surroundings. The courageous rooster, according to the workers, came after a cyclone and refused to go. As a result, they fed him and looked after him.

The cock is now a mascot for this breakfast, and he is well cared for. He may have selected the wrong family for him, but he is happy with his choice.

So the proud rooster that is constantly in front of the restaurant entrance to greet the visitors greets the woman every morning. And it is because of him that the business has improved. Everyone is eager to meet him.

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