«Mama,» says the rescued cat to his human mother every time.

Brenda, a lady, was always on the lookout for a devoted companion. She made contact with an animal rescue organization and expressed her desire to adopt a cat. She was informed that there were two black darling kitties that had not yet been claimed. So she went right away and, seeing the kittens’ adorable faces, took them home with her.

Bart and Milhouse, the cute cats, were born on the street and are brothers. Despite their similar appearances, their natures are vastly different. Milhouse is quiet and sluggish, whereas Bart is highly energetic and fun. They are both, however, quite loving and lovely.

Bart is likewise a talkative guy. When he needs anything to eat, he likes to call «mama» to his human mother. Milhouse enjoys sitting at the window and watching the birds flutter past.

Brenda captured these two adorable kittens on camera, including the times when Bart repeats the word “mother.” It’s just fantastic!

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