A compassionate girl aided the frail 60-gram cat, and it grew to be so lovely and healthy.

Love does wonders! Unbelievable healing of a kitten. Usually, stories of kittens that were born too soon have a tragic ending. Many of them did not survive and are now gravely ill.

They didn’t acquire weight regularly because to intestinal issues. They also appear helpless due to their lack of fur. They are so frail that they are unable to grip their own hands and grow at a considerably slower rate.

However, one day on Facebook, a post about a cat that was born prematurely and abandoned by his mother emerged. Debbie Timmis, a young woman, chose to look after the kid and adore him. She recognized that the kid might not have a chance, but she still wanted to assist him.

When the child discovered the kitten, it weighed just 60 grams and lacked hair. The doctors told the girl that the baby had a little chance of survival, but what happened next astounded her. The baby’s respiration slowed, her tongue turned white, and her skin turned an unfathomable color.

The infant was saved by the girl giving him a heart massage. For the next two weeks, the girl began to feed the baby.

Freya was the name given to the girl’s pet. The youngster has shown to be so astute that she investigates everything in her environment. The kitten was given that name by the girl for an unique reason. It was the name of a goddess of love and compassion, and there isn’t a better name for this adorable baby!

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