The adorable newborn elephant tries to crawl over a fallen tree in this humorous video, which is perhaps the first hurdle he has met in his life.

Here are attempts by a cute young elephant to get over a fallen tree. This adorable young elephant recently won the hearts of everyone when a fascinating video of him in an unpleasant scenario was uploaded on social media.

The little calf made an attempt to crawl over a fallen tree in the woodland. One of the inhabitants captured the amusing situation on tape, and the incident made everyone adore her.

In India, a mother elephant and her two youngsters were wandering through a jungle. The three critters were escorted by several locals when the 2-year-old infant came face to face with a major stumbling block: a fallen tree directly in front of him.

The young infant was persistent and obstinate in his attempts to climb over the tree. However, when he became confined, the situation proved to be even more difficult than he had anticipated. The small calf’s efforts, on the other hand, were not in vain, as he was able to solve the situation.

The youngster continued to follow his mother elephant after a humiliating experience. You can see the hilarious and adorable scene in the video below!

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