The dog was overjoyed to have been rescued, and she wagged her tail as a symbol of adoption!

Sandy spent nearly a year at an open admission shelter before being adopted by Trio Animal Foundation just before the holidays. She was given assistance for his constantly wagging tail on a daily basis. It had to be amputated, but the dog seemed unconcerned. And now this delightfully gorgeous dog can shiver her booty all day!

Sandy eventually found his forever home after spending a year in an open admission shelter.

TAF requested financial assistance just before Christmas to help remove 20 dogs from an open admission shelter. Sandy was one of the dogs that spent a year in the shelter. She was treated for her “always wagging tail” throughout this period.

Sandy felt a lot better after the procedure! As if nothing had occurred, she began wagging her new tail. This was the start of a new life for her!

We’re thrilled to report that Sandy has found her forever home! She has a loving owner who would never allow the dog to be sad again.

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