A guest comes face to face with a cheetah as he enters a safari van.

Cats are the most beautiful animals on the planet. A cheetah jumped right inside the car while the Irish visitor was walking around the area.

The cheetah,  however, proved to be more brave than the Irishman, jumping into the back seat of the car while it was moving.

The traveler, however, not being a coward, kept his cool and greeted the guest face to face at arm’s length. While the rest of the cat family quietly ascended onto the top of the vehicle, the predator was friendly and even wanted to be petted.

He showed no signs of resentment toward his new friends. He sought to sit on the Irishman’s lap, on the contrary. Just like a domestic cat!

The animal was probably slower than its cousins and couldn’t jump to the top.

He «parked» in the jeep’s cabin since he didn’t want the visitors to be scared by the botched prank.

The unexpected guest soon left the tourists, who were grateful yet worried. The tourist admits that this is his first encounter with something like.

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