A shelter dog gets the nicest reaction when he finds the family he thought he’d lost forever.

This dog was tethered to a fence when a staff member came at work one morning. The poor dog was afraid when he was first taken in by the shelter. He didn’t seem to understand what was happening.

‘When he met new people, he was pretty nervous and would silently snarl,’ a volunteer recalls. ‘He would stop when he was given sweets and another baby spoke to him.’ His response is understandable, given that he was discovered tied to our fence.’

The dog began to relax into his new existence at the shelter as time went on. He’d been there for two months, and the staff had been trying tirelessly to find him a suitable new family. Then they uncovered something much better: his long-lost relatives.

In March, the shelter learned that the dog had a family looking for him. He’d been kidnapped and taken to the shelter, according to reports. They were pleased when they realized he’d been located.

The dog leapt into his mother’s arms greet her as soon as he found her. The dog had returned to his family, there was no question in anyone’s mind. Everyone was ecstatic that they had been able to contribute to the reunion’s success.

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