A dog has his favorite toy bought for him after stealing it five times from a retailer.

It all started when a pitbull tried to steal a toy from a retailer many years ago and not for one time.

The company owners drove him out each time after taking the toy from the dog. On the other hand, the pit bull was a fighter.

He came back to this company multiple times. And he was just fascinated on this massive purple unicorn and nothing else. After understanding that this would never stop, the company owners called zoo control.

When its officials arrived to take him up, an officer thought that the only way to persuade the obstinate dog to accompany them was to purchase him this purple toy. As soon as he saw the coveted item, he eagerly followed the officers.

The pit bull was taken to an animal shelter and surrendered. The pet hasn’t released grip of its unicorn for a single second since then. He plays with it, licks it, and sleeps with it. In general, he expresses his love for his stuffed friend in every way possible.

Because Sisu is still a puppy (he’s around a year old), his preoccupation with a toy is understandable. But what is it about this unicorn that fascinates the pit bull?

There is a perfectly acceptable explanation for this. Because the dog lived in a family before being thrown on the street, the shelter employees assume he had a similar toy when he was younger.

His experience was shared on social media. His tale went viral, and he and his favorite toy were adopted as a consequence. They are presently enjoying their new home together.

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