This young lady celebrated her graduation with her pet rat, who assisted her in obtaining her master’s degree.

Rami, the rat, wasn’t just a family member at the graduation. Because he assisted his owner in graduating, he was awarded a one-of-a-kind academic cap.

The child expresses gratitude to her rat Remi for assisting her with her preparations. Sara was able to relax and conquer her concerns with the help of the animal.

Remy, who resides in the home, is a Dumbo rat. This species is well-known for its enormous ears. The name of the breed was inspired by the baby elephant Dumbo from the Disney film of the same name. This was a fantastic idea for the young lady. She even made him a custom academic hat.

A few months before the graduation, Sarah began posting photos of Remi on her social media channels. Sara and Remi met for the first time in November. The girl decided to have a pet to help her cope with her loneliness and isolation.

«All of my friends were still in high school when I graduated since I finished my college degree a year early. She admits, “I felt lonely.”

Animals have always supported the girl in her anxiety-relieving efforts. Sara grew raised on a farm and was familiar with them.

The student took the choice to get an animal to assist her cope with her loneliness. The savvy animal understands how to use the litter box, making his owner’s life much easier.

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