A heartwarming tale of a mother deer saving her freezing offspring from the side of the road.

The sight of a deer saving her kid who had grown scared and was caught in the middle of the road is really emotional.

The event was observed by a driver, who was able to video it on his phone, which he then uploaded on his Facebook page, where it quickly went viral. Jessie Larson was traveling along Washington’s Port Orchard Highway at the time when she came upon the animal.

The mother was ready to step outside to help the infant when she realized the deer was in danger. After only a few seconds, she noticed her mother approach and began filming the scene she was seeing.

Because the fawn was afraid, Mom approached it with caution. When Jessie observed the deer, she immediately turned off the automobile motor to avoid startling the animals. Then something extraordinary happened: the mother gently patted her befuddled baby. And she was successful: the baby deer sprang to its feet and followed its mother.

Jessie stared at them for a long time, taken aback by her mother’s animal sensitivity and love for her children.

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