Meet this adorable dog who is completely enamored with her beloved ‘chair.’

A funny statement was recently made in a Facebook forum for dog owners and dog lovers. The author’s name is Patti. The woman decided to participate in the challenge by tweeting hilarious photographs of her pets with the hashtag #weirddogchallenge.

Patti often posts pictures of dogs, but they’ve never been as popular as they are now.

The issue is that the dog felt that traditional pillows were insufficient for her and began to snuggle on her brother. Either she’ll hit him in the face or she’ll climb all the way up to him.

And, based by her cheerful grin, this situation suits her just fine — something the unfortunate brother cannot say. His facial expression tells it all. The unlucky dog was persuaded by his sister and became the dog’s favorite ‘chair.’

Patti’s tweet quickly gained traction, garnering over 10,000 likes. It was revealed that the dog isn’t the only pet who likes to sit on another dog.

Followers then began to post their own photographs in the comments section, illustrating that this happens all across the world.

Is it a show of power or an irritating display of tenderness?

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