On the internet, this dog with an unusual look is warming hearts.

This is a ten-year-old dog. He relaxes by spending time in nature. In looks, he resembles all other dogs of this breed. Almost.

The dog became a genuine Internet star as a result of this characteristic. He was born black and remained thus for the most of his life.

When the dog was nine years old, though, white patches appeared all over his body. ‘He’s a cheerful, healthy dog with lots of activity,’ says the owner. He’s always eager to tag along with you on your adventures. ‘He enjoys traveling and driving,’ said the dog’s owner.

The dog’s owner created a social media account for him and shared a photo of him seated at the dinner table. Users were immediately drawn to the image. The photo acquired over 32 thousand likes in a short period of time.

People are still enthralled by the dog’s intriguing appearance. Since then, the lady has been posting updates on the pet’s activities and daily life on his Instagram account.

On the internet, photos of a happy puppy in a unique hue earn a lot of good attention. Internet users have given the dog a variety of aliases. ‘Old Man’ and ‘Funny Old Man’ are two of his nicknames.

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