Because of his excess weight, a little Chihuahua couldn’t walk, but diet and friends helped him drop weight.

This dog spent much of his existence on Earth with his brothers, living with an elderly guy who couldn’t properly care for him.

When the owner died, the sanctuary received three pups.

They also proceeded to a dog market, where Carla was waiting for them. The lady acknowledged to a general fondness for animals. When Carla saw the puppy, her heart melted.

First and foremost, the new owner had the dog examined by a veterinarian due to its size. After numerous inspections and tests, the pet was diagnosed with thyroid disease. He was put on a specific diet that he had to obey.

The dog lost the bulk of his weight in a little more than two months. Doggy befriended a huge dog and wanted to play with him.

He encouraged the Chihuahua to run and bounce about and to get excited about toys. Once he was able to walk rapidly again with his little paws, he enjoyed wandering around parks.

‘I am pleased with him since he is a fantastic doggy.’ ‘Carla says that he should be able to run without limping.’

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