This kitten with unique eyes is a budding star and the prettiest thing you’ll ever see.

This beautiful kitten has a unique set of eyes and is really charming. Over 250 thousand individuals have publicly declared their love for him. In addition, the number of followers is steadily increasing.

You could want to question as to why this is the case. For his tempting look, clever humor, and abruptness, yes. Raquel, his proprietor, adopted him approximately two years ago. He was a year old at the time.

When Raquel fell head over heels for him right away, she understood she was the only one who could bring him back home. He is an active and curious feline. One of his favorite activities is doing the dishes.

He thrives on being the center of attention and is a voracious learner. Raquel states that he likes interruptions: ‘When I’m showering, he enjoys knocking objects off the sink.’

He, too, likes fitting himself into the smallest of hiding spots.’ In addition to his own Facebook and YouTube profiles, the online celebrity has a Twitter account. He even has his own fan-made illustration.

Raquel runs a charity for animals that have exhausted all of their choices. Raquel conducted multiple fundraising crusades throughout 2019 and was able to give $4,000 to the shelter.

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