The rescued dog sleeps with his food dish every night and brings it around with him everywhere he goes.

The most of the time, this dog sleeps close to his bowl. Even more humorous is the fact that he takes it with him wherever he sleeps.

A woman opted to adopt the puppy after seeing pictures of him on the shelter’s website. The dog seemed to be having a horrible day.

His glare practically shattered everyone who had just stared at him. As a result, the woman wanted to provide him a place to live.

The woman’s second pet, who formerly stayed in the shelter as well, has joined the four-legged one.

Shortly after the dog was purchased, it began to act strangely, which drew the attention of the owner.

When she got the reason, she was taken aback. The dog never had to worry about being alone in the absence of his owner since his half-brother was always at his side.

The woman’s attention was quickly drawn to the dog, who was engrossed with something else.

The dog, it turns out, is so attached to his dish that he treats it as if it were a valuable possession!

In the two years since the incident, the dog’s behavior has remained constant.

The lady knew that in his opinion, his own bowl symbolizes the most vital aspects – home and comfort.

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