The student becomes the mother of a baby donkey, which has a profound impact on both of their lives.

If everything else remains constant, there will be changes at some point in time, some of which will be terrible and some of which will be fantastic.

Peyton, a senior in high school, had no idea she was about to become a mother – to a small donkey.

‘Do you need a live toy?’ a rancher asked Peyton when he realized he couldn’t take care of the animal any longer. The young woman had previously expressed her desire to purchase a pony.

The young lady had obviously decided to let the animal inside her home.

He enjoys drinking milk straight from the jug on a daily basis. He is terrified of everything on the planet, but he is also incredibly curious about everything.

Peyton changed her school schedule so she could come home at any time, not just at lunchtime. She is now a graduate, thus she may be considered an adult.

Her perspective has improved significantly when she began focusing on the animal. Peyton has always had a soft heart for animals and has made it her life’s mission to save them.

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