The three-year-old dog did not want to make friends with anyone until a rat was introduced into his life.

We believe that beings of many sorts may be friends. It may seem illogical at times, but the heart wants what it wants. This tale is a good illustration of it.

Prior to the rat’s emergence, the dog, who had been properly trained as a rescuer and therapist, refused to make friends with anybody.

The rodent was born blind and was brought to the dog as a newborn.

He was fed with an eye dropper and looked after on a daily basis.

When the dog saw how nicely the newborn was cared for, he must have flashed back to his own infancy. After all, he was discovered frozen in the parking lot by his owners as a newborn puppy.

Because shared pain may heal, the dog knew that this animal was going through the same tragedy as him and that he needed love and care. The dog has aided in the therapy of both people and other animals on multiple occasions. He saw patients on a regular basis.

By the way, the dog nurtures his tiny pet in the most educational method possible. He treats him harshly and never compensates him, instead protecting him from future issues.

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