Charming cat knocks on the door of her neighbors, seeking for treats.

This fluffy and fuzzy feline hasn’t gone a day without paying its neighbors a visit since meeting them. She knows when she needs to thud on the door or open the window to come closer to the home.

When the kitty comes to the home, she waits patiently in the yard, expecting the door is locked, but when she sees someone inside, she jumps to the door and meows softly to be allowed in.

The neighbors, whom she sees on a regular basis, said that the cat appeared out of nowhere in the yard, and when she saw them, she went up to them and demanded to be pampered, as if she had known them for a long time.

They had no clue that this fortuitous meeting would develop into a habit for the kitten, who has been paying them visits ever since.

Regardless, he rushes to stand out sufficiently to be recognized when he hears something within the home. The kitten learns the wait is well worth it as her neighbors open the door for her and she changes into the house’s favorite.

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