The sweetest thing you’ll see on the internet today is a small kitten meeting her new canine sibling.

It creates a lasting impression on your mind when you encounter someone fascinating. The equivalent of humans and animals is the same.

Despite the fact that this kitten looks to be little in the images, her response when she first encounters her dog’s relatives is hilarious.

Sam discovered the kitten drenched in grease and dust in the city. She was too little to even consider walking when she took on the feline.

Sam gave the cat a wash and put it in front of the heater to warm up.

She was imprisoned down underground for around 45 minutes before nodding asleep. The family had meant to give the cat back to the shelter right away, but she grew on them over time.

They had two dogs and two cats, and it turns out that the cats helped with the feline’s reception.

The kitty made no response when she first met her new family. They got along swimmingly, despite the fact that the little fluff was terrified.

Sam’s dogs and cats are dedicated members of his family. They had become best new friends in just a few days.

The cat and one of the dogs spend the entire day together.

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