A rescued kitty’s fur color varies due to an odd ailment, and she now looks to be a different cat.

Nichelle first met Elle and her sister at a neighboring ranch when they were four months old. Their condition demanded rapid medical assistance.

‘No one needed them, and they had to cope with ticks and ear infections.’

‘That pained my eyes to look at it, so I carried them both to my house,’ explains Nicole.

At the time, the lady was considering buying a cat, but she had not expected to locate cats in this fashion. Throughout the procedure, Elle was really kind and pleasant.

Nichelle had a suspicion something weird was going on when she observed a faint white stripe in Elle’s black fur at nine months.

‘I believed something was clinging to her and attempted to remove it; however, it turned out to be her own fur,’ the lady recalls.

Nichelle brought the cat to the clinic in the hopes of learning more about the cause of the color shift.

Elle’s fur pigmentation had been disturbed by vitiligo, a fascinating but non-lethal illness, and she was taken aback. Elle is nonchalant about the changes; she appears to be having a good time. Nichelle describes her as ‘very lovely.’

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