Meet this cute dentist dog who helps people look forward to their appointments.

This dog visits the dental clinic many times a week with his mom, who works as a hygienist there. While the dentist performs medical treatments, his responsibility is to keep the patient calm and help him overcome his fears.

The canine was originally trained as a therapy dog before being moved to a dentist’s office for more training.

According to his trainer, the dog was bred for this duty. A good and caring dog enjoys people and is always ready to help them. He likes what he does at the clinic.

He has a cool attitude, empathizes with patients, and is always there for them through difficult moments.

According to them, clients’ opinions toward going to the dentist began to alter. His calm demeanor, self-assurance, and unobtrusive aid assist others in unwinding.

A typical day at work for the dog starts with him greeting a customer with a big smile. During the procedure, the dog does not leave the person and, if he becomes restless, he ‘holds’ his hand or even lies next to him on the sofa. Such support is invaluable to children!

When the scared tiny patients meet the dog at the doctor’s office, they rapidly begin to grin, and the operations that used to be terrifying become a fun game.

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