The man sees a lonely dog at a gas station and thinks it’s lost, but the dog’s collar tag says otherwise.

He believed a lonely dog at a gas station was lost when he saw it. The dog, on the other hand, seemed to prefer hanging there, according to the tag on his collar.

The photograph of the dog became viral, with 307 thousand likes, and the dog’s owners built their own page for him.

Tyler approached a gas station and observed a dog.

The guy approached him, assuming he was lost, but after reading the inscription on the dog’s medallion, he realized the animal was ok. ‘My name is Dew, and I’d want to introduce myself.’

I’m not stuck in any way. Going on adventures is something I like doing. ‘Tell me to get out of here,’ says the narrator. This, along with photographs of the dog, was tweeted. As a result of the viral tweet, both of them became Internet celebrities. ‘I was filling up the gas tank when he approached me.

‘All the dog wants to do is go on adventures.’ The dog’s owners even set up a Facebook page for him to post about his adventures.

On the farm, the dog is comfortable and likes playing with his owners and siblings.

The family makes certain that the dog is healthy and that the dog’s collar has not just a hilarious message but also a GPS sensor that tracks the dog’s whereabouts.

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