When a charming dog tears, he gives his gorgeous toy to his younger sister.

Brutu and his human parents live in California. During his life, the dog, like any other dog, ate, tore up, and destroyed a variety of toys, with the exception of one – a fluffy yellow ball. This is his favorite toy, and he doesn’t want to give it up, so he takes special care of it.

‘We got the dog as a puppy, and he was our first child,’ said the dog’s owner. Shortly after the dog emerged, the woman became pregnant.

The dog’s behavior has drastically changed.

When the baby was born, the Michaleks had no reservations about immediately introducing the dog to the newborn. As soon as the mother and baby left the hospital, the dog met them. The dog was well aware of the responsibility that had been placed on his shoulders from the outset.

He made an effort not to move away from the baby, keeping him in his line of sight at all times. When the baby started wailing, the dog knew just how to calm him down, which shocked the boy’s parents.

Without hesitation, he strolled to the other room and returned with the youngster’s most beloved item – a fluffy yellow ball.

‘My husband and I were moved to tears when we saw what the dog did for the baby. ‘Our son looks to have the world’s best older brother,’ adds the mother.

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