Every night, the leopard visits the cow and sleeps next to her, forming an extraordinary attachment.

On a regular basis, the leopard visits the Indian community. The Department of Wild Animals deployed a trapping specialist after neighbors filed complaints with the highest courts.

A female leopard was caught the next night in a cage set up in the field with live bait.

The cat was taken to a neighboring wooded area and released away from the fields. The kitten had been left behind. A month later, farmers began to report sightings of a newborn leopard here and there. They were positive the missing leopard cub was a female leopard cub.

Officers came to discover an incredible sight that left even the most experienced hunters stunned.

A leopard, most likely the same one that had been disturbing the occupants, entered the yard. Instead of assaulting the cow, she rubbed up against her and squatted beside her. Night following night, the enormous cat came into the yard to cuddle with the cow.

Surprisingly, the cow showed no symptoms of being scared. She licked the leopard’s neck and slept next her, rubbing her side as if she were her calf. No one has been able to pinpoint the exact reason for this one-of-a-kind and emotional friendship. People simply believe that the cow and the leopard were friends in a prior life.

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