As he clings to her, the family understands the recently rescued dog is saving the toddler’s life.

A young Australian couple is the parents of a two-year-old child. They’ve lately chosen to get a pet of their own. At the animal shelter, they came upon a Doberman.

The couple warmly welcomed the unhappy dog into their household after his owners had abandoned him.

Four days later, something happened that forever changed the spouses’ attitudes about their newly-created pet. The dog was playing in the yard with his owner’s little daughter on this particular day. The dog and the girl looked to get along swimmingly.

But suddenly he growled and bared his fangs, seizing the child by the diaper and flying to the side. The panicked woman dashed to her daughter’s aid, only to discover that the dog had guarded her rather than attacked her!

Only a few seconds before, a dangerous poisonous snake was crawling across the area where the infant was frolicking.

When the courageous dog saw what was going on, he acted immediately to save the girl. He was unfortunately bitten by the snake.

The girl was found to be absolutely healthy and unharmed, and the dog was given appropriate medical attention.

The antidote was administered to the dog, and he recovered quickly. The two are smitten with their new family member, who has also proven to be a genuine hero!

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