The adorable moment when a newborn elephant is joyfully playing with his older sibling.

Elephants are renowned to be intelligent and compassionate creatures. However, they are so energetic and vivacious that some individuals are unaware of it.

So, here’s an amazing video of a newborn elephant playing with his big sibling. Lee-Annie Robertson, a wildlife photographer, captured the beautiful image. Looking at the lively creature astounded her.

The adorable creature was brimming with vitality and joy. He want to play with someone, and his brother came near to join him in his amusement. As a result, the two were amusing themselves by pleasantly caressing one other.

When his sibling caressed him with his trunk, the baby elephant was delighted. Then he leaned back in his chair, amused with his performance. It was incredible to see them in such a ridiculous state.

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