This rescue cat’s fame has won her a Guinness World Record.

On social media, you’ll regularly come across pet-related personal accounts. Their devoted owners are ready to share hilarious photos and videos of their pets with the world. Animal pages might have a larger following than celebrity sites.

What can we say, we all adore cute kittens and puppies! If you appreciate looking at cute animal photos, go visit this cat page. This blue-eyed beauty has lately earned notoriety as the most popular cat on social media. She made a point of mentioning how gorgeous her favorite is in the images right away.

Her sister advised her to create an Instagram account for the cat, which she did, and everything went perfectly. On photographs of a blue-eyed pet, thousands of likes and impassioned comments poured in. As a consequence, the unusual cat was awarded the record holder certificate by the rapidly expanding number of followers. The cat is quite photogenic.

Whatever she does, whether it’s sitting in a cardboard box, eating, or playing with toys, her photographs are always effective. A series of photos of the owner’s pet dressed up in costume were taken some time ago. And it just so happens that she looks fantastic in everything! They want to leverage their pet’s achievement to help other pet owners by raising awareness.

«Teaching youngsters and their parents how to properly care for pets are critical». Open your heart and your house to a shelter animal. And you’ll realize how you’re improving,» she added.

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