Meet the ginger seal that was shunned by his colony because of his unusual looks.

A really uncommon species with red fur has been identified in Russia. Because of his unusual appearance, biologists were drawn to him. The situation, however, is exceptional and may demand the intervention of others.

The animal turned out to be a baby seal, although its coloring was unusual. His fins are pink, and his hair is red, with blue eyes. This red seal is 50% albino, according to experts.

Unfortunately, as is normal in the animal kingdom, humans with unusual appearances are often rejected by their own species, therefore this kid may be abandoned. According to sources, the first signs of such an attitude are already visible.

If this occurs, biologists will be forced to intervene. On the surface, the animal looks to be well-fed and active.

This means he received enough milk from his mother. So far, no one has pursued him, but other seals have a negative attitude toward him, which is troubling.

Furthermore, the seal pup’s eyesight is weak, and he or she may be unable to breed.

If the scenario resembles that of the “ugly duckling,” zoologists are ready to transport it to a dolphinarium.

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