Firefighters rescued the hungry and dehydrated orphaned young mountain lion cub, who has since doubled in weight.

A slight squeak was detected by the US Forest Service as they were walking about. They immediately figured out who was making the noise.

A mountain lion cub lay lifeless on the path, screaming out to its mother with the last of its might.

In quest of a cat carrier, the firefighters raced to the nearest station. The infant was still in the same posture when they returned. His mother was not present. The lads did not spend any time getting the cat into the car.

The kitten was checked by experts and was a 14-week-old female. The infant was under 11 pounds, which was a good indication of her age. The cub was half-conscious, hungry, dehydrated, weak, and constantly shivering.

The infant let out her first full-fledged grumble after five weeks of a rigorous diet and frequent grooming. Vets believe she was signaling her return to top condition by doing so.

Mountain lion mothers frequently stay with their offspring until they are over a year old.

As the baby’s strength grew, she was moved to a special cage with surveillance cameras. The animal should not be allowed to build bonds with people, according to scientists.

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