A pup provides the most comfort and protection to an undesired cub who has been mistreated by his mother.

This motherless young tiger develops feelings for a pup. True friendship, it is claimed, has no bounds, regardless of age, religion, skin color, race, ethnicity, or, in this case, animal species.

Despite their numerous differences, this unwanted cub called Hunter and a Pointer puppy named Chelsie became the greatest friends and strongest supports for one other.

Unfortunately, his mother abandoned the sad newborn tiger shortly after his birth.

His nasty mother used to treat him badly and could be rather antagonistic, so it was evident that the infant should be kept away from her.

The infant tiger and a nice puppy were now completely enamored with one other. Meeting this dog significantly transformed the pitiful cub’s terrible existence for the better, as he had no friends among his family and contemporaries.

They can’t picture ever being apart for even a single day. They are frequently observed softly conversing and playing with one another.


On the contrary, it is predicted that their intimate connection would come to an end in the near future when the cub reaches the age of six months, making him potentially threatening to the dog’s life. We all hope this does not happen, since they have thankfully refused to modify their conduct with one another.

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