To save a drowning baby giraffe, brave individuals risk their lives.

There are several species on the verge of extinction, as well as a vast list of endangered animals.

However, there are still locations on Earth where people understand how to live in harmony with these amazing creatures.

Respect, trust, and caring form a particular relationship. When a helpless animal is placed in a difficult situation, people are aware that it requires assistance. The same may be said about a newborn giraffe saved from drowning in Kenya.

A newborn giraffe gets lost in the middle of the Uaso Nyiro River in Kenya for unclear reasons.

This boiling river, which was already difficult for the helpless creature owing to the powerful current, was also teeming with crocodiles.

As a result, the baby’s fate appeared to be sealed. Nonetheless, assistance came from unexpected places. When a scared giraffe was heard, a group of rangers and local villagers rushed to seek rescue. The cat was saved after a few hours because of the bravery and kindness of these humans.

Fortunately, one of these kind folks posted images of the rescue online for others to appreciate.

Some giraffe species have lately been designated as endangered.

The Masai giraffe is one of them. It is a subspecies that roams the Kenyan and Tanzanian landscapes, with just around 35,000 individuals remaining in the wild after three decades.

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