On a freezing first day in Switzerland, this kitten escorted a disoriented guy down a mountain.

A guy went lost in the mountains until he was contacted by a feline who led him on the correct route. I got ‘lost’ among the nearby mountains, to be honest.

It was the end of the ski season when I visited, so the automatic lifts were broken, and a few routes had recently been stopped,’ the man explained. Before going on to the automatic lifts, he made a detour up the mountain.

When he got to the top, he followed a railroad track into a ‘completely deserted town,’ where he thought himself alone.

‘I was looking at my map to see how I might get down to the valley, and the only route down was by a trail that was closed.’

This is also how I met this incredible kitty. When he came to a halt to eat and relax, the cat observed him. He stated, “When I got up, she started leading me along a path.”

‘I think she lives in the town where I was.’ She walked and continued to stare at me, directing me to the trail that would take me back to the valley.’

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