The discovery of a very rare sea turtle in Australia has astounded local environmentalists.

Local experts have seen the hatching of a strange pale-skinned turtle on an island in Queensland. The baby sea turtle was spotted diving into the ocean. The skin of these turtles is usually dull and light green with a faint coating.

This island’s unique turtle has pinkish-white skin and a flaming orange shell. Albinism is a genetic condition in which one out of every 100,000 turtles has white skin, hair, and eyes.

‘Current endurance evaluations for the turtles reaching adulthood are roughly one in every 1,000,’ they wrote on Instagram. Unfortunately, because of his limited visual awareness and inability to conceal, the turtle’s success rate is also reduced.

The capacity of melanin in the development of the optic nerve affects the turtle’s vision.

‘These turtles have a hard time leaving their hiding spots, and even if they do, they aren’t well acclimated to the warmth,’ he said.

‘Because we can readily observe the creature, I’m sure other creatures would benefit as well.’ What a wonderful natural wonder. Nature’s wonders never cease to surprise us.

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