After being rescued from the road by a caring human, the stray dog can’t stop grinning.

While dogs are one of the most popular pets, certain breeds have a bad reputation. Pit bulls are definitely the most popular breed. When this puppy was found on the streets of Brooklyn, he was 11 months old.

On one occasion, though, his life was irrevocably changed. He was introduced to Danny, his eventual savior. When he was walking Demo around the neighborhood, he came upon a stray pit bull.

Danny made the decision to take him to his home. He had no idea if the dog belonged to someone. He spent nearly a month attempting to track out the dog’s owners.

He inquired about the neighborhood and, surprise, distributed fliers, but to no avail. Danny then came to the conclusion that Blinks would stay with him… Forever.

Blinks is still by the side of the nice and kind guy who saved him after 12 years, and he continues to grin no matter what happens.

Blinks’ smirk, according to Danny, is the most fantastic sight he has ever seen. When Blinks is feeling fun or enthusiastic, he just grins.

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