This ancient crow thinks he’s a little person and speaks in human tones.

Macey, a thoughtful young girl, didn’t believe she’d get along with the astute crow. She has had a lot of fun working with the American Eagle Foundation. Flying hawks and crows were saved, rehabilitated, and released by the group.

They had a lot of non-releasable birds at their place. Tucky was brought in from a pet store. He couldn’t achieve anything when he was delivered into nature since he was normally under the regard and consideration of people.

Because of joint problems in his wings and legs, he couldn’t fly. As a result, he began to spend most of his time with Macey, learning how to communicate with her and other sanctuary visitors.

The crow has a 20-year life expectancy, so he has spent most of his time being proactive. When Tucky needed anything, he said ‘what,’ which meant ‘let’s have some fun and play together.’

Macey cherishes and looks after the smart crow, despite the fact that it was odd to warm up to a talking crow. He was a woman’s guy who enjoyed being the center of attention.

He enjoyed the attention he received from the women whenever the association had females approach him.

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